Design Spotlight: The Glade at Sketch

The Glade, Sketch

This week we’re being inspired by the recently-unveiled refurbishment of the Glade, Sketch’s own breakfast and brunch bar, which has taken a turn for the magical! JMDA designer Lauren Milner offers her take on the fabulous new look for the bar, and how it’s inspiring her in preparation for delivering on-trend schemes for the UK pub scene.

Sketch London’s iconic pink restaurant might have featured in every designer’s Pinterest board over the past few years, but this summer the focus has shifted to the location’s breakfast and brunch room, the Glade. With this new refurb, it’s gone for a darker feel: winter is coming, inspired by fairy-tale forests and bejewelled with iridescent colours.

With design tastes shifting at this time of year, we’re feeling the autumn hues and mystical vibes, so it’s certainly ticking all of our boxes.

The Glade, Sketch

Of course, it’s no surprise that the Glade really resonates with Lauren’s current design inspirations.

Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. The change in season sees a new warmth in nature: trees become bare and reveal earthy tones, textured bark, and crunchy leaves underfoot.

Early evenings feel authentic; cosy—think orange glows of bourbon, textured jumpers, leather boots and big scarves (big scarves are my fashion go-to in winter!). Meanwhile the early draw of darkness really feels mystical and moody.

My current design style is textures; jewelled colours that embrace a darker side; those moody ‘winter’s night’ vibes; abstract artwork… the ‘enchanted forest’ look with autumn inspiration and a feminine touch.

Most importantly I’m not afraid of colour, or the collaboration of textures and patterned fabric… all of which could be loosely described as ‘girl meets boy’ – feminine with edge!

The Glade, Sketch

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