Dirty Habit, Whickham

Originally an old 1960/70’s convenience store converted into The Crown, a Blackrose-owned typical high-street pub received an unrecognisable transformation. The brief for the re-imagining of this site in Whickham was to create a gritty, urban interior with a make do and mend vibe.

Structural elements within the space were uncovered to enhance the urban concept, exposing the structural concrete ceilings and brick walls, revealing wiring and copper pipework to create this aesthetic, as well as sourcing furniture and lighting pieces that all work together to create a lived-in and worn ambience. The material palette chosen is somewhat eccentric in order to accentuate the upcycled feel. Upholstery fabrics range from vibrant digital printed velvets to aged leathers. Reclaimed scaffold boards are used throughout the scheme to give an industrial feel which works in tandem with perforated steel, concrete effect 3D tiles, reeded glass and resin finishes which are all softened by LED filament lighting.
The urban theme is emphasised through the addition of colourful backstreet graffiti artwork applied throughout the spaces with the graphic content giving a nod to the local area and the Northeast. By working closely with the Blackrose marketing team, they were able to ensure the interior design, newly designed website and punchy logo all created a strong brand identity.
Dirty Habit has become a concept brand for the Blackrose pub company with the help of JMDA. The unique personality of each individual location, combined with the distinctive design of Dirty Habit promises to produce similarly successful venues around the country.