The Merlin, Alderley Edge

Drawing on a range of worn-look fabrics and chic patterns, JMDA designed the interior of the Merlin in Alderley Edge to be chic and contemporary while taking cues from the rustic heritage of traditional pubs.

JMDA approached the project with an emphasis on the bold, worn-look rustic patterns characteristic of the Premium Country Pubs brand, creating the intricate detail of a charming traditional pub. Wall-mounted greenery adds a touch of nature to the interior and brightens the space, whilst the pub’s light fittings feature sliced geodes for a sense of eclecticism and curiosity. A subtle palette including dusky orange and rose hues allows warm light to prevail throughout the Merlin, ensuring that this large site feels cosy throughout the year. A large outdoor dining area projects prominently from the Merlin’s sloped lawn, giving the front of the building a dramatic tiered effect.

  • Space Planning
  • Interior Design
  • FF&E Specialists
  • Design co-ordination
  • Statutory approvals