Treetop Adventure Golf, Leicester

JMDA were again commissioned to create another exciting Treetop Adventure Golf site located in the High Cross Shopping centre Leicester. The Subterranean nature of the site created a dramatic entrance to the adventure, where glimpses of the entire course area could be viewed while descending via the lift or metal entrance stair.

As you arrive at the base of the staircase you are met by an Amazonian inspired village with individually designed buildings housing the bar area, Reception and Pizza Cabana food offer and even the sites own radio station Canopy FM. The seating area is located within the heart of a thriving Amazonian market with Tarpaulin canopies covering areas of the seating and Brazilian inspired artifacts hanging from the ceilings.
The toilet areas are kitted out as a boat repair workshop with sections of boat parts hanging from the outside of the shack like building. The use of authentic planting adds to the overall tropical feel transporting you to the heart of the Amazonian rain forest fulfilling the brief and another exciting chapter for Treetop Adventure Golf.