Branded Around

As designers, it is often our job to create the physical embodiment of a brand; instilling their values, ethos & ultimately their own personality within an interior. We love getting into the nitty gritty of how a company works, making sure we always hit the brief; whether we are focused on operational ease, high impact aesthetics, memorable experiences or all three. But how can you elevate your business in the world of design in this digital consumer age?

Brand Recognition

To stand out in the creative design industry you need to be, yes you guessed it, creative. It can take many years to establish your brand within the industry, however having an interesting product doesn’t guarantee success. Your logo and symbol can be the difference your company needs to stand out when initially getting started. However, the service and product you provide is what will provide the signal to others you’re a key player. It’s important to consider the product packaging, advertising campaigns, and of course the website aesthetics before making the final decision on your logo.

Social Media – Presence, Product, Personality

Social Media platforms offer a key opportunity to reach your target audience without breaking the bank on marketing. Social media presence can really boost momentum for your business, whether you’re an emerging fashion brand, product designer or simply promoting your services. Posting new original content is all well and good but you really need to know how to engage with your audience whilst potentially bringing in new custom.

Hashtags are your friend in this instance. They can really expand your reach across the country and even the globe, so don’t be afraid to use them. There are websites to help you use the most popular hashtags for your subject area. Broad, general and field related hashtags are useful for emerging brands. Take a moment to look up’s founder George Rawlings and the guerrilla marketing campaign he’s created. Felt tip pen, cardboard and the patience to humiliate himself in London for a few hours a day has lead to an exponential boost in downloads of the London based dating app. Proof that you can be creative without breaking the bank!

Relevant content goes hand in hand with your social media presence. Detailed shots of your product, or lifestyle shots can be the difference between making a purchase. Well lit spaces, detailed shots and carefully chosen backgrounds can really enhance your product, after all, a picture can tell a thousand words. Remember that you’re selling a lifestyle, not just the product.


Big companies don’t always need to show personality to progress their brand’s success in the eyes of the customer. However, if you are trying to break the mould or even connect with select users then showing your personality in your posts can go a long way to help you stand out. Use informal language, hyperbole & descriptive imagery to bring your posts to life and gather buzz around your product.

Business Cards
Given today’s digital bias, I’d forgive you for thinking this a futile gesture, however business cards are a great way of marketing your brand and provides people with a quick physical reminder of your brand and service. Remember you won’t always have time to take somebody’s email address or number at networking event so having a memorable business card is the next best thing.

Explore different styles and choose one that suits your brand type whether it’s a fabric card sleeve for a fashion start up, or a script style text for a signwriting business. There are so many options to make you stand out amongst the crowd; embossing text, bold edge colours, patterned backgrounds, or even your minimalistic logo. Check out @thebrandidentity, @branding.mob & @thebrandingcollective for inspiration on graphics, branding and business cards to get your creative juices flowing!

Here at JMDA, we’ve been developing our own services and offer something new. In partnership with Branded Agency, we will soon be able to provide a new branding, graphics and website design service to our current & future clients. We’ve also been creating some new business cards to reflect our ever-expanding business, so be ready for some serious card envy!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Social feeds for more exciting projects and ventures across the country!

Written by Interior Designer Alec Donald Mackenzie