Cookhouse & Pub Launches


Last month, Whitbread launched its newest brand, Cookhouse and Pub, at its first site in Oldbury. The new venture aims to re-invent the pub dining experience, providing the quality food and service of an all-day informal restaurant, combined with the relaxed vibe and affordability of a pub. As such, an innovative new take on a traditional formula required a suitably innovative interior design: one which JMDA was excited to be challenged with.


With an impressive 4,519 square-foot site to make use of, the interior of Cookhouse and Pub was designed to uplift traditional gastro-pub decor with fresh, bright colours and plenty of natural materials. Rich, honey-toned wood forms the backbone of the site’s scheme, accented with a consistent palette of vibrant orange and cool blues.


As an all-day venue, the interior of Cookhouse and Pub had to support a variety of uses. Plenty of open space allows for flexible seating arrangements, whilst the orange and blue accents preserve the mood through both daytime and nighttime service. Being such a large site, it was important to consider the privacy of patrons: wooden half-height dividers and semi-private tables ensure that customers never feel exposed, and preserves the cosy feeling of traditional pubs during evening service.


Perhaps one of the most impressive features of Cookhouse and Pub is the sheer scale and style of its 41-cover bar, topped with stunning marble and split-clad in blue herringbone and natural wood paneling. Copper makes a decisive appearance both in the main bar and the counter of the open kitchen, adding some subtle metallic accents to the interior.


Of course, this is just the first of four Cookhouse and Pub sites opening around the UK, and we’re looking forward to unveiling the interiors for the other locations! In the meantime, check out the full gallery of photos here.

Marston’s House Highly Commended by BCO


Marston’s House has received a National Commendation in this year’s BCO awards, coming second place in the Corporate Workplace category after having won the West Midlands and Central England Regional Award previously. Everyone at team JMDA is so incredibly proud of this achievement, which marks the culmination of an exciting project and what was a fantastic opportunity in working with the Marston’s brand.


The calibre of design on show at the BCO awards was incredibly high, so for our own work and the work of all the other talented people involved in Marston’s House to be recognised like this is a true privilege. As such, we have every plan to turn this energy towards even bigger and better things in our upcoming projects!


Our concept for the Marston’s House – which was designed alongside fellow studio Newman Gauge – was of an interior that was sleek, modern, and above all practical, but which also upheld and took inspiration from the rich tradition of British pub style. As a brand name closely associated with British pubs, it was crucial that the heart of Marston’s operations reflected that spirit, while providing an elegant workplace with plenty of room for creativity and innovation.


JMDA delivered on this with vast break rooms, light and airy spaces, and a warm colour scheme based on the natural tones of the rustic pub image. Most of all, we’re proud to have created a flexible and comfortable work environment that will be on-trend for years to come.


Update on Design Spotlight: Migration to Medium

It’s only been a few months since we started Design Spotlight, but it’s already finding its feet as a long-term part of JMDA. That said, the emphasis is still on ‘finding its feet’. We’re very much working through the best ways to ensure it’s a quality blog, delivering quality content.

That’s why, after some deliberation, we’ve decided to make the move to Medium. It’s a better environment for our blog content, and as we’ve started to take a great deal of interest in Medium as a platform, it carries the enormous benefit of being able to interact with other creators.

As such, all of our previous Design Spotlight blogs have been migrated to Medium, and you can still read them on there. News and announcements will still be posted here but, if you want to keep up with both, you can rely on our Twitter and Facebook pages for access to all the latest from JMDA.

Finally, we’re happy to announce a new blog post – our first Medium piece – coming on Monday! We know it’s been a while, but this one is very much worth the wait.

Lots of love to all our followers,

The JMDA team x


Meet the newest member of the team…

She’s small, but she’s exceptionally powerful. Meet Bluebell.


Some of you may have seen this little angel on our Instagram feed a few weeks ago, but for those that missed her, this is Bluebell! As the company’s Morale Officer, she’s performing a range of valuable tasks, such as lighting up the room, providing moral support, sleeping, and just generally being adorable.


When interviewed about her new role she declined to give comment, but we’re thrilled to be adding her expertise to the team, and we’re fairly certain she feels the same about working with us. It’s a valuable learning opportunity and we hope to better ourselves by following Bluebell’s example.


So, keep an eye out for this tenacious pup popping up on our social media feeds from now on!


Do Not Adjust Your Screen!


The winds of change have been blowing for quite some time here at JMDA: with a new office, new clients, and a shiny new website, it’s certainly been exciting for us! We’ve been hard at work these past few months, travelling across the country delivering excellent interior designs and presenting inventive new concepts – not to mention finding plenty of creative inspiration along the way.

On top of that, we’re happy to be welcoming two new designers and a media manager to the team – but there’ll be more on them soon. In the meantime, take a look through the new home of JMDA online: say hello to our team’s new profiles, browse through our gallery of previous projects, and check out our social media profiles – we’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Plus, you can now sign up to our quarterly newsletter for updates on both upcoming and completed projects.

We’re rolling out a new look for JMDA, but some things haven’t changed: our motivation, dedication, and experience in delivering professional interior designs that always leave the client impressed. With growth comes more fantastic projects that we’re looking forward to unveiling, and of course, yet more opportunities and possibilities for the future. So for now, keep your eyes peeled for more developments at JMDA, and we’ll be back with more news soon!

Ghost Architecture


This week Team JMDA have been busy down South with new briefings this week, however we still find the time to be inspired.


We were particularly impressed by this collaboration between Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi & DesignLab Experience, who have used steel mesh to create an ethereal modern landscape inspired by classical architectural forms.



Let the Leeds adventure begin!

We’ve spread our wings and branched out on a whole new adventure! This week JMDA opened their second office in the buzzing city centre of Leeds! The whole team are super exited for the opportunities this will bring and the inspiration that surrounds us. With the four day weekend ahead we thought we would start by checking out some of the local hotspots… have a great Easter everyone!

Team JMDA x

Back on the road…

Team JMDA have had an exciting start to this week with our first MAB briefing of this working year. It was an early start on Wednesday morning, travelling down to southern territory to get the ball rolling for our next challenge.

Creativity is at a high in the Leeds office as we explore all new colours, layouts and samples which will bring this scheme together! What unique and innovative ideas can we create this time?!

Follow our Instagram account for the journeys throughout the next wave of projects we have just around the corner and see how JMDA travel from start to finish within every project!


Salone del mobile Milano 2017

The annual Milan Design Week, one of the biggest events of the design calendar, kicked off earlier this week, promising a flurry of new design collections and immersive installations across all design disciplines.

This year IKEA have launched their “Let’s Make Room for Life” Festival inside a warehouse space, which features installations, workshops & talks from the likes of Tom Dixon & Faye Toogood, whilst also offering a behind the scenes look at IKEA’s development process.


The Salone del Mobile Milano is the perfect stage to showcase a new collection, acknowledge a milestone in your career or, in the case of Alessi, honour the late great Zaha Hadid with a display of their past collaborations.


Whilst we haven’t been able to experience Milan Design week first hand, we have been keeping a watchful eye for inspiration. Meanwhile other members of Team JMDA have been busy travelling to various projects across the country, including handing over the Corner House in Cardiff City Centre for Mitchells and Butlers.

Stay tuned on Twitter & Instagram for a sneak peak…

Team JMDA.

P.S. Follow Dezeen, Tom Dixon Studio, Jamie Hayon & Formafantasma on Instagram for more insights into the goings on at Milan Design Week.