Cookhouse & Pub Launches


Last month, Whitbread launched its newest brand, Cookhouse and Pub, at its first site in Oldbury. The new venture aims to re-invent the pub dining experience, providing the quality food and service of an all-day informal restaurant, combined with the relaxed vibe and affordability of a pub. As such, an innovative new take on a traditional formula required a suitably innovative interior design: one which JMDA was excited to be challenged with.


With an impressive 4,519 square-foot site to make use of, the interior of Cookhouse and Pub was designed to uplift traditional gastro-pub decor with fresh, bright colours and plenty of natural materials. Rich, honey-toned wood forms the backbone of the site’s scheme, accented with a consistent palette of vibrant orange and cool blues.


As an all-day venue, the interior of Cookhouse and Pub had to support a variety of uses. Plenty of open space allows for flexible seating arrangements, whilst the orange and blue accents preserve the mood through both daytime and nighttime service. Being such a large site, it was important to consider the privacy of patrons: wooden half-height dividers and semi-private tables ensure that customers never feel exposed, and preserves the cosy feeling of traditional pubs during evening service.


Perhaps one of the most impressive features of Cookhouse and Pub is the sheer scale and style of its 41-cover bar, topped with stunning marble and split-clad in blue herringbone and natural wood paneling. Copper makes a decisive appearance both in the main bar and the counter of the open kitchen, adding some subtle metallic accents to the interior.


Of course, this is just the first of four Cookhouse and Pub sites opening around the UK, and we’re looking forward to unveiling the interiors for the other locations! In the meantime, check out the full gallery of photos here.