JMDA Re-Imagine One of York’s Most Iconic Music Venues!

We met with this client during lockdown, redesigning and developing their well-established cocktail bar in York, Bobo’s. After working with them on their latest Tiki Bar venture, we were invited to create a new concept for their nightclub. As one of York’s most iconic music venues, we were ecstatic to be involved in another project so close to home!

The client provided us with a loose brief, noting areas of concern, and elements that needed including or excluding from the design. However we were trusted to create the concept and expand on the project from there, which is what we love to do! This concept was inspired by the impressive original features of the space. With high ceilings and exposed brickwork, the New York nightclub scene was heavily used for inspiration throughout. This juxtaposition of the gritty warehouse feel of the existing building and the introduction of opulent design installations and iconic statement features will evolve Vudu to new heights. We aimed to reveal the hidden gem of Vudu, building on its foundations to evolve the brand to ‘icon’ status, providing an experience that must be seen to be believed.

This space has an abundance of features. Upon entering the club, a jagged brushed-brass staircase with recessed, backlit handrail lifts you up into the enigmatic space above. Directly above, a feature LED waterfall chandelier sparkles and pulses to the beat of the music coming from an infinity-mirrored DJ booth. The bar features a metal caged front with lit lettering and a rustic-finished backbar towering high on an exposed brick wall.  Hidden behind the bar, is the VIP. A secretive space decorated entirely in a seductive pink, is encompassed by curved fixed seating and towered over by a feature wine wall.

Working in York is always a challenge! The city is renowned for being one of the country’s most historic, making it difficult to work within. This meant that we had restricted access for skips, vans and most workmanship during the day. We also had to deliver this project on a very short timescale, meaning we had to be selective on materials and products to ensure they were on site in time!

This project was important to us in many ways. With the client being local and having a good relationship with them, we were pleased to have been appointed on their latest project. This project was also something a bit different for us! Being involved with smaller, more independent projects means we can let our creativity run wild, push our boundaries, and show people what JMDA truly have to offer.