Nola, York

We were approached by a private client to introduce a new concept for their York fine dining restaurant and cocktail bar. Inspired by the famous jazz haunts of New Orleans and the decadence of the Art Deco era. Nola combines Jazz grandeur and fine dining into a unique location for live music and pure indulgence, setting a new precedent in York.

Located at Lendal, York, Nola provided JMDA with a unique canvas to redesign. On entrance to the building, the floor level splits up to a bar and dining area, lined with wall to ceiling art deco style mirrors and a bold pink tile. Brass trims are carried throughout and complimented with deep pink velvets and patterns. A unique pink feather tree sits proudly next to the bar, a piece inspired by the 1920’s extravagance. An oversized chandelier lights up the entire floor, with pink neon accents creating a moody pink atmosphere.

Downstairs, a secluded lounge is lathered in pink geometric prints and soft textures. A dusty pink velvet wallpaper compliments the dark stained wood panelling and tall windows let small fractions of light creep into the room. At the front, a stage is set for jazz band performances, backed by art deco mirrors and a New Orleans mural.