Vudu Lounge, York

To create this concept we took influence from the building's iconic urban features along with the already well-established brand of Vudu and overlayed this with layers of flamboyancy and glamour.

This juxtaposition of the gritty warehouse feel of the existing building and the introduction of opulent design installations with statement iconic features will evolve Vudu to new heights.

Vudu will be a shining beacon on the streets of York, enticing everyone to experience a venue like no other, a space where areas of sanctuary and secrets are embraced as much as areas of celebration, freedom & indulgence. The hidden gem of Vudu has been revealed, building on its existing foundations to evolve the brand to ‘icon’ status, providing an experience that has to be seen to be believed.

JMDA Ltd is pleased to be among the inspiring global design talent to have been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2023 SBID International Design Awards for its entry, Vudu Lounge in the Club & Bard Design category.

JMDA are a thought-provoking creative interior design studio with a wealth of experience and a proven successful track record for multiple operators across the UK. Based on the outskirts of York, our team has skill sets in all aspects of the hospitality sector, from pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants to other leisure venues such as golf and themed attractions concentrating on the guest experience. We have created numerous well-known hospitality brands whether it be on the high street, within the community or in the country.


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