Welcome To The Team…

…Lucy, our new Junior Designer



Lucy is brimming with enthusiasm, creative flair and a passion for detail; a welcome addition to the JMDA family. We thought you should get to know her a little…

Where did you study?
Northumbria University

Favourite Food?
All food. Can I say that? I suppose if I could only eat one meal again for the rest of my life it would have to be Thai!

Best Holiday?
A small, Californian island called Coronado; the beaches were idyllic and the food was amazing

Any hobbies?
I love training in the gym and learning about nutrition. I have always enjoyed writing too and really want to write a book one day

How do you like your Steak?
Medium rare. (And with a side of mash, always)

Prized Possession?
My dog! He is a Shih Tzu called Fraiser

Any Phobias?
Wasps and Rollercoasters

What’s your Guilty Pleasure?
It has to be catching up with Coronation Street – I never miss an episode